Close your eyes and listen...

Close your eyes and listen to this video. It is not about MMA it is about the potential inside of you that wrestling will help you release.

Mental toughness, embracing uncomfortable situations, excelling where others break and then picking them up and leading them...our season starts soon...


UFC from Chris Vondruska on Vimeo.

Do You Know This Woman?

Check out her and her friends on our photo gallery. biggrin

July 5th - Updates

A newsletter went out today. If you did not receive it please check your junk mail.

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Site Update 21 June 2014

We are continuing to plod along. The calendar is now updated. Our coaching staff has been asked to review it for gaps and errors. You may access is HERE or via the link at the top right of the page. In addition to our traditional list of upcoming events that are available on the home page, you can access another view of upcoming events (last two days next 8 days) by clicking "This Week" at the top right of the page.

As posted on our Facebook pageOlaf and Coach Bartram have a whole bunch of work ahead of them to rebuild the website. If any of our wrestlers/parents/family want a great summer project we have approximately 2500 videos of matches that must be uploaded, tagged, labeled, and published. The website for the videos can be functional as early as tomorrow and as late as next Friday. So work can begin as soon as it up. If you are interested, text Coach Bartram. Essentially, it is roughly the same process as uploading to YOUTube. Additionally, the over 22,000 photographs have been uploaded to their galleries. We could use some help organizing the layout and making the gallery site more functional for users.

Site Update 20 June 2014

We are back, sort of. We are in the middle of updating the web site. In order to expedite getting information out to you we will be posting/migrating pre-existing information in the following priorities:

1. Calendar/Schedule (hope to be complete by 8pm on 21 June 2014).

2. Photographs (over 30,000 pictures to migrate).

3. Video Site will have to be completed reuploaded 

4. Old Articles

5. Making the site pretty again!


Thu Sep 18 @ 3:50PM - 05:30PM
Open Mat
Sat Sep 20 @12:00AM
Foothils Fury Preseason Open
Sat Sep 20 @12:00AM
Super 32 Qualifier
Sat Sep 27 @12:00AM
2nd Annual Wendell Hampton Classic
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