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Union Pines Wrestling

cordially invites you to our annual banquet

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

6 pm – 8 pm

at Country Club of Whispering Pines

2 Country Club Blvd, Whispering Pines, NC 28327 

Cost: $18 per person (all Union Pines Wrestlers are free)

Please have payment in to Coach Vondruska by April 2nd  (Please make checks payable to Union Pines Wrestling)

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An integral part of any sports program is its strength and conditioning program. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response by our student-athletes as we seek to implement a series of programs to help us achieve our goals for the post, off, and 2015-16 NCHSAA season.

The wrestlers and the coaching staff have selected a non-traditional program to begin our first 12 weeks of work. This program has a great deal of diversity in it which helps keep it new, inspiring, fun, and challenging. Each student-athlete has a copy of the first program which they can record their work in and track their progress.

We have identified some equipment shortfalls we need your help with. These are things you or your neighbors or a local business have around that they can spare.


  • Five 36"long x 18" wide x 3" high wooden platforms (we stand on them and lift heavy stuff!)
  • Five to Ten Used Tires - standard truck and car tires. They do not have to be in good shape we are just going to try and throw them as far as we can.
  • Five exercise balls - the big inflatable ones. We know you have one around the house nobody uses (Coach B admitted he has one!).
  • Five exercise bands - strength and color does not matter
  • Three Sledgehammers - 8 - 12lb range
  • Two tractor tires, we have a couple but could use a couple more
  • Thirty sandbags all sizes
  • Five ab wheels, yes as seen on TV. or if you have some pvc and and old inline skate wheel, bam! home made ab-wheel.
  • Five duffle bag size bags. Duffle bags, sacks of grain, etc., all work. We just want bags that we can fill with stuff, so they are heavy, awkward to lift and able to withstand a little abuse.

Thank you for your continued support of our wrestlers and our program. If you are interested in the specific strength and conditioning program we are undertaking you can download a copy HERE.

vikwrestcolor xsmall transAdditionally here are some links related to our strength and conditioning program. Please feel free to share them. I encourage you to openly discuss articles, blogs, videos that you find of interest with student-athletes, teammates and coaching staff. Blog by the author of the programs.

For a quick win into why I encourage our wrestlers to read these regularly here are two quick articles you WILL like:

How to improve your sprawl:

Wrestlers have flat butts?  videos of the exercises

~ Coach B


Spring Events


First practice of post season is March 2nd and I will have training schedule for the following events:

March 14th – Tournament at West Forsyth HS

March 27-29- NHSCA Nationals in VA Beach (This will require missing days of school and only the folks that are all caught up with everything in school will be able to attend)…We are looking for help driving for this event

May 1-2 – NC Greco/Freestyle State Tournament

May 23rd -24th – SE Regionals in Atlanta  (FREESTYLE)

May 30th -Beach Nationals (BEACH WRESTLING)

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Sat May 30 @12:00AM
Beach Nationals
Sat Jun 06 @12:00AM
SE Guilford Duals
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